More about microscopic inspiration

Recent comments left on my last post about microscopic inspiration have led me to think more about the different types (that I know of) of microscopic images and how they influence how I design my artwork.An optical microscope is the one we’re all most familiar with from high school biology. A thin slice of something is put on a slide and you get a 2D view of it like this:

stem cell through an optical microsope

What REALLY gets me excited and my brain churning are the images created by scanning electron microscopes (SEM) like this:

SEM image of a stem cell

I can imagine climbing around in there (if I were really really tiny)! It never ceases to amaze me that this whole world not only exists but that we’re all MADE of it!

But I realize that when I envision a design for a new piece, I’m thinking of the “scene” as a 2D optical microscopic view. Maybe someday I’ll want to figure out how to create sculptural pieces that look more like a 3D SEM view…

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