Creating A New Piece- Part 4

Here’s the last process shot I took. It’s about 3/4 done:

The Spaces Between V in process

The Spaces Between V in process

I continued to add more detail. I made all the cellular centers one color to give a more cohesive look. I tried to keep checking on the value balance and tweaking to adjust. Hand work was added: french knots and running stitches   (I love the look of dotted lines!).

To see a MUCH better photo of the finished piece, look at it here on my website. I just added it today. There is a detail shot on the same page.

I’m mostly very happy with how this piece evolved and how it turned out. It’s hanging in my living room now so I’m looking at it a lot. We’ll see if as weeks go by I begin to hyperfocus on some aspect I wish I’d done differently. I’m really working to try to quiet that self doubting inner voice!

2 Responses to “Creating A New Piece- Part 4”

  1. Trudy Mitchakes Says:

    Dear Karen. Your work is amazing , super super fantastic. I wish I could do some of that. You are very talented. Best wishes Trudy Mitchakes

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