Creating a new piece-Part 3

Here’s step 3 of the creation of ” The Spaces Between V” :

The Spaces Between V in progress Step 3

The Spaces Between V in progress Step 3

Not a great picture- sorry.

I began by couching  purple and dark blue pearl cotton and embroidery thread down to  create the organic vertical curvy lines. I had a chaotic pile of fabric  generally in the gold to orange to rust to copper range and began cutting and fusing on the cellular shapes. I love this part of the process. I tried to pay attention to value balance.  I auditioned different blues and greens to use as small areas of complimentary color to liven things up and green won. In this shot I had only begun to add it.

I made what for me was a bold decision and fused the red/orange shapes onto the purple organza. I wasn’t happy with the texture of the fused organza and wanted to downplay it. This was the first of many major deviations from the original sketch. It always happens!

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