Creating a new piece-Part 2

The Background

Here’s step 2 of the creation of ” The Spaces Between V” :

The Spaces Between V -in process 1

The Spaces Between V -in process 1

I started with a piece of Warm and Natural thin batting cut to the approximate finished size. I then fused onto that a beautiful orangey piece of silk I had dyed- cut about an extra 2 inches on all sides. This will facilitate my edge finishing at the end.

With chalk, I then drew in the outline of the darker shape from the original sketch and cut it out of purple organza and fused it on. This was after auditioning many other ideas. The purple organza over the orange produced the neutral quiet color I wanted.

This defines the overall composition. I’m trying to be more thoughtful with this early step so I don’t later regret being locked into a composition that doesn’t feel right to me.

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