Georgia O’Keeffe

This weekend I went to see an inspiring exhibit of Georgia O’Keeffe paintings at the Clark Art Museum in Williamstown, MA. They were shown in conjunction with work of a contemporary artist, Arthur Dove, exploring how they influenced each others art over the decades.

I love any opportunity to see an O’Keeffe painting in person. I especially like studying the brilliant (and revolutionary in her time) way she uses curving sensuous line to divide up the space of the canvas simultaneously creating a magnificent focal image as well as strong and lovely negative shapes.

Corn No. 2

Corn No. 2

And of course her amazing ability to use paint to evoke light and shadow…

Slightly Open Clam Shell

Slightly Open Clam Shell

I realize what an influence her work has had on my attempts to use that “zoom in” method to highlight organic lines and shapes and play with positive and negative space in composition.

Blue and Green Music

Blue and Green Music

My head has been filled with her rich sumptuous images. This exhibit left me wanting to know more about her life so I’m going to look for a good biography. Anyone know of one they recommend?

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