A new piece takes shape

Keeping this blog has helped me gain some insight into my own creative process in unexpected ways. For instance, I’ve often thought about taking pictures of the development of a piece but never had the discipline to carry it out. This blog has helped inspire me to do it!

This new piece, a continuation of the Roots of Rhythm series, was inspired by some of the luscious luminous greens,  gray-greens and other pastel silks that I recently dyed. It’s a very different palette for me so it’s taken a while to explore and understand the relationships between these colors-i.e. how will this color look next to that color. It’s a quiet palette. I think of the phrase “sotto voce” when I’m working.

I started with a piece of green cotton for the base and couched on a variegated yarn that I love. I then began fusing on interior cell shapes cut from a beautiful piece of silk charmeuse I dyed:

Roots of Rhythm VI in process 1

Roots of Rhythm VI in process 1

Decisions had to be made. Should I fill all the cells or leave some solid green? I stared at it for many days and finally made the choice to fill them all.

Roots of Rhythm VI in process 2

Roots of Rhythm VI in process 2

Over the past several weeks I’ve free cut and fused the inner cellular shapes from a  palette I struggled to keep “quiet” but also have some “rhythm”:

Roots of Rhythm VI in process 3

Roots of Rhythm VI in process 3

It’s now sitting on my design wall awaiting clarity about stitching color and pattern and which direction to take with the strip of green on the right…

6 Responses to “A new piece takes shape”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    I really like this one! The process pictures are cool too. You should keep it up. Then I can tell you when its not symetrical enough! 😛

  2. Robin Says:

    This is lovely! It’s great to watch it grow and see the decisions you make along the way.

    • karenkamenetzky Says:

      Thanks, Robin! I’ve learned it’s actually helpful for me to look back, too. Sometimes I finish a piece and move on to the next one without “digesting” what I learned while making the last one.

  3. Martha Fitch Says:

    Hi Karen,

    I’m interested in how you handle the fused materials. I find it difficult to hand-stitch through layers of fused fabrics. Do you have the same difficulty and if so what is your work-around?

    • karenkamenetzky Says:

      Hi Martha,
      Most of the stitching I do is by machine.
      The hand stitching I do is with pearl cotton, embroidery thread or yarn. I use larger embroidery needles because I need a larger eye to thread through. I try not to go through all the fused layers but slide the needle under the topmost layer. Even so, I agree with you- it sometimes takes some muscle and results in sore fingertips! Try experimenting with the angle you’re stitching. I sometimes find it easier when I’m stitching with the needle pointed away from me-I’m not sure why!

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