Biodiversity IV in progress

This is a smallish piece that I started about a year ago, decided it wasn’t working and stuffed it behind a pile of fabric. I pulled it out last week and  saw potential! I  finished stitching the already fused on cell shapes, added some running hand stitches and sewed on and cut away a layer of tulle.

Biodiversity IV in progress

Biodiversity IV in progress

BIodiversity IV in progress (detail)

Biodiversity IV in progress (detail)

It’s layered much like a larger piece I finished last year, Biodiversity III:

Biodiversity III

Biodiversity III

It’s all about movement, energy and the joyful chaos of life! There’s only one layer of tulle “web” on it now but I’ll add one or two more. I’m using Judy Dales’ brilliant method of cutting away unwanted areas of tulle with a seam ripper. Works like magic!

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