Starting with sketches

I almost always start the process of creating a piece with sketches. Sometimes I have an image or a certain composition design or a texture that I doodle around with till something emerges that I’m excited by. Here’s a recent page in my sketchbook:

sketchbook page

sketchbook page

Pretty rough! But both of these are the basis for some pieces I’m working on. The top part of the one on the left led to the two squarish “The Spaces Between” pieces I posted last week. The full drawing on the left will be a larger rectangular piece.

A version of drawing on the right is on my  design wall now and may be what I jump into this morning.

I fall in love with a certain line or curve or shape of negative space and feel psyched to work with it.

The few times I’ve tried to skip the sketch step- I get lost easily, lose my way and it begins to feel forced and frustrating.

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