Revision and the usefulness of critique

The last piece I finished recently is called Emergence II. It began as a smaller experiment in folding and stitching dyed green silk gauze. I loved the organic fluid lines and subtle color changes that this creates.

But I needed a larger context for that smaller piece and so mounted it onto a much larger deep purply- black silk and batting and worked to integrate the two parts into a cohesive whole. I felt it was only partly successful. In fact there was something that really bugged me about it but I gave up and declared it done. I finished it off with sleeve and label and even had it photographed and put on my website. Here’s what it looked like.

Emergence II (original)

Emergence II (original)

Then I brought it to my small Vermont critique group- Judy Dales, Marilyn Gillis and Christine Fries-Ureel-a very talented group! We’ve been meeting every month or two for many years at a centrally located Paneras.

They took one look at it and could see that it had some problems in composition and cohesiveness. They brilliantly came up with a few fairly simple tweaks that I hope will make a huge difference. I’ve been working on it this week. It was difficult at first to revisit a “finished” piece. When I get my sewing machine back ( please be tomorrow!) I’ll finish it and post the improved version.

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